PUNCH is seeking an experienced Principal who is passionate about bringing teams together and excels in fast-paced environments. This leader will be responsible for managing all aspects of a large program within PUNCH, and will be engaged in a variety of ways across all of the PUNCH lines of businesses.


The Principal will focus on building partnerships both across the company and with external partners. These partnerships ensure PUNCH’s focus remains on protecting our clients and identifying emerging technology that can be used to support the broader community.


The Principal’s work will take many forms - ranging from mentoring team members on tactical and strategic challenges, to refining program processes or brainstorming big ideas with fellow Principals.

In this role you will:
  • Lead a team of analysts and technologists to foster growth and innovation
  • Manage and allocate team resources based on business and corporate priorities
  • Collaborate with Principals on project innovation and organizational priorities
  • Advise and consult on implementation of projects and engagement with various stakeholders, both internal and external to PUNCH
  • Identify and foster the development of needed skills within the team to meet evolving business needs
  • Lead efforts to identify other business opportunities within PUNCH’s core focus areas


PUNCH Cyber Analytics Group

Phone: 703-594-7266