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About Punch Cyber

PUNCH is a cyber-consulting firm that provides advanced analytics and strategic support to government and commercial clients. Our primary focus is in improving an organization’s awareness of and ability to manage a growing cyber threat environment. We focus on bolstering cyber preparedness by improving an organization’s analysts and the tools at their disposal.

Security Operations, Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

PUNCH provides support to Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, including advanced intelligence reporting and contextualization, Tier III escalation, and custom tool development. We assist SOCs from conceptualization to optimization, drawing on a decade’s experience monitoring and preventing globally significant cyber threats and attacks to inform our client support.

Threat Hunting

PUNCH provides advanced threat hunting to commercial and government organizations. We work with our clients to assess their current security posture, identify data orchestration approaches that net quick and long-term enterprise wins, and provide proactive hunters to operate as their “eyes and ears” within complex networks. Our Hunt Cell consists of expert-level analysts with significant experience generating tailored hunt methodologies, as well as deep domain and sector-level expertise.

Technical Analysis

PUNCH conducts technical analysis of varied data types and scale, threats, artifacts, and hardware & software systems. PUNCH has decades of experience conducting packet-level and session-level analysis of network traffic, reverse engineering software, dynamic analysis, and continuous monitoring to develop understanding and conclusions of capabilities, vulnerabilities, and threat.

Research and Development

PUNCH researches new and scalable methods of analyzing cyber data, including network traffic, log analysis, and malware as well as client development for cyber operations, open-source project development, and commercial development ranging from back-end analytic and storage systems to front-end visualization and collaborative platforms to enhance and enrich the analytic process.

Doing Business with PUNCH?

PUNCH has been awarded a United States General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 contract, number GS-35F-323DA under the category of Information Technology Professional Services. This contract allows all federal agencies access to PUNCH to help meet their cyber security needs.

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Our Team

Brent Wrisley On LinkedIn

Founder, CEO

Brent Wrisley founded PUNCH out of a desire to help organizations tackle cyber security more efficiently. He was frustrated by industry approaches designed to introduce complexity and costly tools, while classic defense-in-depth techniques were subordinated. As Chief Executive Officer, Brent built a company that preaches innovative approaches to network defense, but always with an eye toward demystifying and simplifying. He formed this vision from decades spent building, supporting and leading operational cyber organizations. As one of the founding members of the Department of Homeland Security’s US-CERT, Brent has been around long enough to witness the en masse creation of a cottage industry of “cyber-y” buzzwords. At the end of the day, Brent’s passion was to create a company that resisted fear-mongering, promoted awareness and collaboration, and exhibited a genuine concern for industry partners and friends. In his spare time, Brent deplores writing about himself in the third person, possesses an n+1 need for new guitars, as well as the occasional craft beer. More hops rather than less, always.

Chris Mcilroy On LinkedIn

Founder, COO

Chris McIlroy came at cyber the old-fashioned way: he fell into it. A longtime national security/homeland security adherent, Chris began his career helping State homeland security offices stand up operations shortly after 9/11. He focused on increased risk reduction and improved information sharing between business and government at all levels. As threats evolved, Chris moved away from physical to virtual, assisting the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, European Commission, and Fortune 500 companies along the way. Along with Brent and Mike, Chris founded PUNCH out of a desire to create a different kind of company, one that resisted Beltway Forces--focused on doing work that is cool, for clients who need it. He excels at guiding clients through the cyber risk process from a threat-centric vantage point, identifying better return on investment and reduced risk. Lastly, Chris cycled 4000 miles last year, so if you need him start with the local espresso joints. Erstwhile attorney. Defender of the Brand. Recovering grammarian. The Clash is the only band in rock that matters.

Mike Geide On LinkedIn

Founder, CTO

Mike Geide has devoted his career to advancing and evolving custom analytical approaches to network defense. A founder at PUNCH, Mike draws on his previous experiences with US-CERT and Zscaler to generate tailored threat intelligence and operational solutions for PUNCH clients. He has a knack for quickly identifying root problems and formulating strategic pathways for resolution. As Chief Technology Officer, Mike advises all PUNCH clients on the efficient harnessing of security tools, operational methods, large data science projects and native/external threat intelligence. He excels at removing the “noise” from client environments, freeing analysts to do what they do best: act quickly to prevent compromise. Mike knows one speed: full out. Not surprisingly, Mike likes to run…A LOT. Like, Boston Marathon-qualifier a lot. If you can’t find him, best to search the local Northern Virginia trails first. Better move.

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