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About Punch Cyber

PUNCH is a boutique cyber-consulting firm that provides advanced analytics and strategic support to government and commercial clients. Our primary focus is in improving an organization’s awareness of and ability to manage a growing cyber threat environment. We focus on bolstering cyber preparedness by improving an organization’s analysts and the tools at their disposal.

Security Operations Center and Incident Response Support

Cutting edge SOCs begin and end with human interaction. Technology, properly engineered, plays an important role in enabling rapid decision-making, but the human element provides context and intuition within a SOC. To that end, PUNCH enables SOC analysts by increasing their efficiency, tradecraft aptitude, and reducing, wherever possible, complexity. We have built SOCs for the Federal government, Fortune 500 companies, nation-states, and US defense contractors. This wealth of experience provides us with a substantial understanding of what works and what doesn’t, best positioning us to provide maximum value to our clients.

Threat Intelligence Solutions

Successful businesses in today’s globally connected, digital environment often share common traits of proactivity and resilience. Their business case for security investment derives from the failures of others more often than their own. Proper cyber security demands that these organizations appreciate and understand the changing nature of the cyber threat environment. Faster identification of threats prevents otherwise successful attacks, and where possible, allows analysts to identify and mitigate existing intrusions within an environment. PUNCH draws on over a decade of experience monitoring and preventing globally significant cyber threats and attacks. Organizations have enough data; they are simply under-utilizing that data. Proper data management drives awareness, prevention and improves resource management. Our solutions make analysts better.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

We view organizations holistically, identifying critical functions and services necessary to sustaining business operations during an event—natural or manmade—ensuring that resilience is foundational. We categorize and prioritize threats, map those to the highest vulnerabilities, allowing C-suite leadership to maximize finite resources in securing their infrastructure and their customer information/assets. PUNCH utilizes these assessments to create strategies for government and multinational corporations where attack surfaces are reduced, intelligence and capabilities increased, and risk limited to the greatest extent possible across the enterprise.

Our Team

Brent Wrisley On LinkedIn

Founder, CEO

Brent Wrisley brings over a decade of global leadership in focused cyber security operations. He has built and run multiple security programs and incident response teams across the Federal government and the private sector. Brent specializes in helping organizations effectively manage their security infrastructure by improving their analytical capability and their situational awareness. As one of the founding members of the Department of Homeland Security’s US-CERT, he led the incident response and analysis team, as well as the EINSTEIN program. He is a recognized expert in cyber intelligence and strategic cyber policymaking, having been instrumental in the development of the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative (CNCI) Presidential Directive 54 and National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Cyber Addendum.

Chris Mcilroy On LinkedIn

Founder, COO

Chris Mcilroy has been an active contributor to homeland security and preparedness since 2002, having supported such diverse clients as the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Communications Office, The European Commission, The District of Columbia government, and Fortune 100 companies. He supported the creation of a number of national-level programs and plans at DHS, including the Sector Partnership for Infrastructure Protection, the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative. Chris specializes in building comprehensive cyber strategies for organizations, including planning, exercises, data-security law, and stakeholder engagement. Chris is a member of the District of Columbia and Arkansas State Bars.

Mike Geide On LinkedIn

Founder, CTO

Mike Geide provides targeted analytic support and custom tool development for PUNCH's clients. A former senior analyst at the US-CERT and IRS CSIRC, Mike possesses a wealth of experience directing emerging threat programs, training cyber intelligence analysts, and overseeing vulnerability assessment teams. Prior to joining PUNCH, he led the security research capability for Zscalar — a global cloud-based information security service provider. Mike is a recognized global cyber expert, having presented at multiple conferences across the globe on open source intelligence analysis as well as a creator of security tools and methods, such as Poortego and the Network Analysis Manifold. An accomplished speaker, Mike has presented at CansecWest, SANS, RSA, GFIRST, Infraguard and ISSA.

PUNCH Cyber Analytics Group

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